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Developing the Plan


The Shifnal Neighbourhood Plan was  developed on behalf of Shifnal Town Council by the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group (NPSG) which was made up of town councillors and members of the community. Members of the Steering Group are listed along with the Terms of Reference. Click here or on the Steering Group section of the menu of the website  for more information. The menu is either to the left of the home page or in a dropdown box on the home page.This depends on how you are visiting this site.

The Neighbourhood Plan designated area covers the civil parish of Shifnal and a map of the designated area can be obtained by clicking here.

You can also look at a land usage map that shows the current status in planning terms of new housing sites in the main Shifnal town area. Click here  to view this map.The sites coloured brown show the latest sites approved for housing.

A  Neighbourhood Plan is a new type of Planning document introduced by the Localism Act (2011). Neighbourhood Plans are intended to give local people a greater say in the future of the development of their communities.

This statutory status gives the Neighbourhood Plan (NP) far more weight than other local documents or plans which have been produced in the past, which are not underpinned by this legal backing.

The Neighbourhood Plan will set out a vision for the future of Shifnal up to 2026. It will form part of Shropshire Council`s planning documents and will have to be referred to before any decisions involving Shifnal are made.

Neighbourhood Plans must reflect national planning policy and the strategic policies of Shropshire Council. But we can say which local sites we want to see developed or protected from Development.

The Neighbourhood Plan allows us to say how we would like Shifnal to develop over the next 10 to 15 years.  It can include policies on any developments eg a new health centre but also on improvements to infrastructure that has a land use implication such as the roads, pedestrian routes into and around the town, open spaces.

The various stages required for the development of the Plan are summarised below :

– Stage 1-Consultation on Vision and Objectives

– Stage 2-Development of draft policies for each objective

– Stage 3 –Consultation on emerging policies

– Stage 4- Drafting the Plan and Background Evidence documents

– Stage 5-Formal Consultation on the Draft Plan

– Stage 6-Rewriting as required based on feedback

– Stage 7-Submission of Plan to Shropshire Council followed by Independent  examination and the subsequent issue of a Report by the Independent Examiner.

– Stage 8-Referendum

We have completed all the stages and the Plan was formally adopted by Shropshire Council on 15th December 2016.


We have always ensured that this is an active website which allows everyone to keep up to date with our progress and to make contact with us via the contact form.