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The Steering Group


The Shifnal Town Council decided to look seriously at the possibility of developing a Neighbourhood Plan in early 2014. The first step was to decide on the area that it should cover. The civil parish of Shifnal was the obvious choice. The regulations for developing a Neighbourhood Plan are set out in the legislation which came into effect in April 2012. This requires the area to be approved formally by the Local Planning Authority, which in Shifnal`s case is Shropshire Council. There is a process which must be followed and the `Designated Area` was submitted with the required map and documentation in April 2014 and finally approved by Shropshire Council on 20th October 2014.

A plan showing the `Designated Area` for the Shifnal Neighbourhood Plan can be seen by clicking here.

The Shifnal Town Council is the body responsible for the development of the Plan on behalf of all the residents who live in the designated area. To achieve this task it was recognized that there needed to be a Steering Group to manage and deliver the Project and because the plan must be `community led` the Steering Group needed to have a majority of members drawn from the community and be chaired by one of those community members. It was decided that a small Steering Group be established and at a meeting of the Town Council on 18th September 2014 this was agreed along with delegated powers.  The formal Terms of Reference for the Steering Group are available here .

Three members of the Community were invited to join the group and they all accepted. All have very relevant skills and experience to bring from their working lives. Indeed the Mayor of Shifnal says that, “we are lucky to have people with such a high level of appropriate skills who are willing to give up a great deal of their time to help develop this plan for the benefit of all the residents of Shifnal.” Two Town Councillors, the Mayor and Deputy Mayor, were nominated to the Steering Group, underlining the importance of this Plan for the Town. The Steering Group had its first meeting on 10th October 2014.

The Terms of Reference of the Steering Group also enable the Steering Group to co-opt additional members and in November 2014 a member of the Community was co-opted, who also volunteered to help administer this website on behalf of the Steering Group.

For the Membership of the Steering Group click here.

The role of the Steering Group is to gather issues, comment and concerns from residents in every possible way and to build the Neighbourhood Plan from this information.  The job of the Steering Group is not to decide what goes into the Plan.

The Minutes of the Steering Group meetings are available to read in their own section of the website which you can reach by clicking here.