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The Independent Examiner’s Report

On 1 April 2016 the Independent Examiner,John Parmiter, issued a Report of Examination on The Shifnal Neighbourhood Plan 2014 – 2026. 

It is a very positive report that can be read in detail here. He has recommended certain technical and minor modifications which do not impact on the Plan’s overall strategies and are generally acceptable to the preparers of the Plan

The conclusions and recommendations are summarised below

He concluded that the making of the plan will meet the Basic Conditions. In summary they are that it must:

  •  Be appropriate to do so, having regard to national policies and advice;
  •  Contribute to the achievement of sustainable development;
  •  Be in general conformity with the strategic policies of the development plan; and
  •  Not breach, and be otherwise compatible with, European Union and European    Convention on Human Rights obligations.

He also concluded that:

  • The plan has been prepared and submitted for examination by a qualifying body- Shifnal Town Council;
  • The plan has been prepared for an area properly designated; and does not cover more than one neighbourhood plan area;
  • The plan does not relate to “excluded development”;
  • The plan specifies the period to which it has effect – to 2026; and
  • The policies relate to the development and use of land for a designated neighbourhood area, subject to the recommended modifications.

He recommended that the plan, once modified, should proceed to a Referendum.

He also congratulated the Town Council and its volunteers for all the hard work that has clearly gone into the drafting of the plan and gave his thanks to both Town and Shropshire Council officers for their support in making the examination so smooth.